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My Totally Random Egyptian Adventure

My Totally Random Egyptian Adventure

As I strolled through the teeming streets of Cairo, the vibrant cacophony of everyday life enveloped me. Amidst the bustling crowd, a chance encounter with a friendly local sparked an unexpected adventure that would...

Brian Bell profile pictureBrian Bell5 min read
KS1 Maths 10 Minute Weekly Workouts Year 1

KS1 Maths 10 Minute Weekly Workouts Year 1

Nurturing a strong foundation in math during the early years is crucial for children's future academic success. The KS1 Maths 10 Minute Weekly Workouts Year 1 program is an innovative resource designed to enhance the...

Jay Simmons profile pictureJay Simmons4 min read
11+ GL Verbal Reasoning Study (with Parents Guide): Superb Revision For The 2024 Tests (CGP 11+ GL)

Superb Revision for the 2024 Tests: CGP 11+ GL

If your child is sitting the 11+ GL tests in 2024, then CGP has the perfect revision books to help them achieve their best. Our 11+ GL revision books are packed with clear explanations, practice questions, and...

Yasunari Kawabata profile pictureYasunari Kawabata3 min read

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